Terms of Agreement

Thank you for choosing White Silk Bridal Couture to handcraft your gown. These terms of agreement serve to provide you with guidelines for your expectations of your services and procedures involved in purchasing your gown.

This contract is made with the bride (or purchaser) who is responsible for all payment including bridesmaids and attendants. A booking fee 20% of total amount for Made to Measure and 50% of total amount for other collections is required. This is a deposit in the total cost of your purchase.
Upon the consultation a quote is given. However this can change and incur additional costs if there is change in design aspects, fabrics, laces, or embellishments.
Gown bags, cups, and accessories are not included in the quote, they are additional costs.

If your wedding is postponed or cancelled for unforeseen reasons, all or part of the booking fee, is at our discretion, will be retained to cover the cost of work already completed. If the gown has been started or ordered, the booking fee, plus the fabric used and labour cost to date, will be charged to you and the gowns returned to you.

If designs are altered during the making of you gown, the cost of extra fabric and labour may be added to your final account. Once the Ready to wear gown is ordered and confirmed, it is final. No changes will be accepted.
Minor tweaking such as nipping in a cm at the waist for example will not incur additional charges. 

Also all sale item purchases are final

We strive to keep the garments as clean as possible during the making process. It is inevitable that some marks and sometimes damage may occur. Please be aware of makeup, lotions, and standing on hems and walking around in your garment excessively during fittings. We do not accept responsibility for any damage after the gown has been collected from us


Fittings are an important stage in the construction of your gown where we focus on the fit and design details of your gown. Made to Measure will require 2~4 fittings (include a calico). Other collections will require 1~2 fittings for alterations.

You will need to  bring to each fitting the undergarments and shoes to be worn at your wedding, and any accessories.

For the Made to Measure gown, substantial weight gains or losses while your gown is being made may incur extra charges. Please advise us in advance and on a regular basis of any changes we need to be aware of. It is essential that you make your requests known to us during the fittings. Once the gown has been further completed after a fitting if is sometimes not possible to undo and/or alter the gown. We reserve the right to charge for any additional alteration.

All Ready to Wear gowns does not include alteration cost. Any alteration required will be added to your final account.


Payment can be made by cash, cheque or Internet banking.
Account details are:
White Silk Bridal Couture
Ensure you reference with your name.

Made to Measure payment plan

Deposit with booking – 20% of total cost  

Deposit at first fitting – 30% of total cost

Deposit at second fitting – 30% of total cost

Final fitting- balance of final account

Ready to Wear and Others

Deposit with booking- 50% of total cost

Deposit with alteration- 50% of total cost

Final fitting- Balance of final account

*We do not allow garments to be collected until all monies owing are paid. We can store the gown until the wedding. If your wedding is postponed or cancelled for unforeseen reasons, gown needs to be collected before the  scheduled wedding date, otherwise storage fee $30 per month will be added to your final account."
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