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Having a gown handcrafted can bring up many questions so we have gathered together the most common questions with answers. Feel free to contact us anytime if you need further assistance.

What is the process of having a gown handcrafted by White Silk Bridal Couture?

Our process is enjoyable, stress free and simple. We begin with a consultation. This is where brides bring their collection of ideas and photos. Most brides have
We go over your ideas, try on gowns if needed, we discuss the fabrics and laces, what your bridal party is wearing, colours etc venue, hair, make up, flowers, shoes, accessories to ensure everything and everyone will compliment you.

You will leave with your gown designed. Allow an hour for this process, you will need to book in an appointment. The consultation is $50.00 on the day but comes off the price of the gown.

Once you have had your consultation, measurements will be taken and we will book in a calico fitting  The calico fitting is a mini mock up of your gown. This is where we put all the design lines in, fit it out to get the ultimate shape, you can determine how low or high the necklines are, how wide straps are get a visual of the gown.

The calico then becomes our pattern and from there the gown is made and we book in your dress fitting. During this fitting we make any changes required, hem the gown, try on veils and accessories etc ...
If it's possible to make these final touches on the day you come you will be able to take the gown home with you that day as well, otherwise you may wish to book in a final dress fitting and come another day.

You are welcome to bring as many people as you like to these appointments or come alone.

How much time is required to make a gown?

It's great to start the design process as soon as you feel ready. To make the gown we like to work 2 to 3 months out from the wedding date but often brides who are loosing significant weight or fall pregnant we will leave 2 weeks out from the wedding.
What if I am out of town or overseas?

Brides quite often travel to have their gowns handcrafted by us. We can eliminate one trip by doing the calico in the same appointment as the consultation. Then we will need to see the bride once more for fitting the gown, hemming and making minor adjustments if necessary. These can usually be done in a day but it is a great idea if they can stay overnight in our beautiful city and pop back in early the next day for one last fitting and then the gown is ready to be taken home.
We are planning on making quarterly trips to Auckland for brides who would love a gown made by our wonderful team. These would be over the course of three days so appointments must be made in advance and we require pre paid consultation fees.
Please note these will not be refundable due to limited bookings others may miss out on.

Brides living in other countries have a slightly different process. We Skype if a trip over isn't viable.

We do a consultation via Skype and we then send fabrics and lace samples then discuss these again by Skype or email once they are received by mail.

A calico will be sent and it's reccomended someone who has a little bit of sewing knowledge fits it on the bride if the bride us unable to get a sewer to do it. Instructions will be sent but a quick Skype video call is always preferred then if you get stuck I'm there to guide.

Once the calico is returned i will check it over and begin making your gown. We can Skype or I can send photos thru the process. Once it's all finished I will send it over packaged up and insured.

You may need a local designer or alteration specialist to do any tweaking if necessary.

Do you make bridesmaids and flower girl dresses?

Yes we do! We have an extensive range of fabrics and colours available.
What is your price range?

It really does vary on the style, fabrics and laces selected. Generally our prices range between $2800.00 - $5500.00. We will do our best to work within brides budgets.
What do I need to bring to my fittings?

If it's your calico fitting, make sure you wear a really good bra, one that gives good lift and shape. The shape we achieve in the calico is what we will get in the gown. Do not wear a sport bra.

You will also need and shape wear if that's what you choose to wear under your gown.

And lastly shoes. Either the ones you will wear on the day or a pair of similar height.
Your final dress fitting you will just need to bring your shape wear if any and your shoes. Cups are usually built into the gown unless you really need the support of a bra then this will need to be the same one as worn in the calico.

What lingerie will I need under my gown?

Cups are usually built into the gown so a bra is not necessary unless discussed.
If your not wearing shape wear then make sure you purchase nude coloured thong or seamless brief that does not cut into your skin making an indent. We need the smoothest line possible.
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